Orpheus and the Story of your Soul

hier anmelden

4-day Workshop of Storytelling & Voice Expression

April 16 – 19, 2018

with Pete Pronk and guest teacher Kathinka Marcks

in the monastery of Huissen, The Netherlands

A unique workshop of imaginative storytelling, combined with voice expression, which will be given by two passionate guides. They are Kathinka Marcks, a young and talented storyteller who already has a vast experience with dance, music, storytelling and voice expression; and Pete Pronk, a seasoned narrator of ragged tales, who is fascinated by the voice as a truthful witness of any person’s story. Both are associated with the Roy Hart Theatre.

The theme of this workshop was taken from the autobiography of Alfred Wolfsohn, founder of what was to become the “Roy Hart Centre” in Southern France.

We all have to descend into the depths of our self before we can rise to the heights.” A. Wolfsohn, “Orpheus, or the way to a mask”.

Subject matter

A story, whether narrated or sung in whatever form, arises from archetypes. It arises from the unconscious, deeper layers of the soul, where the unknown resides – the dark matter which is also the dwelling place of life’s fire. The voice is preeminently suited to connect with that source of life, with purity and passion, with light and darkness, with the soul’s stirrings that long to be heard and known. This is a journey which uses the voice as the soul’s valve.


With the aid of methods from the Roy Hart Theatre, you get closer and closer to the core of your own story, your own song. Retainment of words and melodies is not the most important; this journey is much more about that which goes beyond words. Words will come back to you in due time; what matters now is the core question: what is it that make you narrate this story? What inspires you? What passion bears your song? What is the source of all your playing? And what parts are allowed to participate? How do joy and pain sound, how do you sound your tears and longing, how do you narrate in a fragile and strong way, how do you shape joys and sorrows?

Every morning and part of the afternoons will consist of warming-up and group exercises.

During the afternoons and evenings there will be individual sessions with the whole group attending. For this you can bring your own story or song. The classes with Kathinka will be in English.


Kathinka Marcks (1986, Hannover). She began to be curious about storytelling when she was on La Réunion island. This was the place where she discovered that stories can connect you to the land on a deeper level. Short after she went to the International Storytelling School in England and from that moment on she wouldn’t stop: she became a storyteller herself. Therefore voice became more and more important and that was how she acquainted the Roy Hart Voicework. Kathinka has been learning and studying with several teachers of Roy Hart in Hannover, Köln, Tübingen, Malérargue (F). In Freiburg, where she lives now, she gives storytelling workshops for refugees -adults and children- and helps them tell their stories and fairy tales of their homes with the meanings they have and a lot of expression and joy. She also organizes a storytelling festival „Weltgeschichtentage“ and tells her stories in German, English or French.For a summary of her activities see www.kathinkamarcks.com .

Pete Pronk (1948, Amsterdam). Began as a photographer (the magic of the image), then got into theology (stories people live) and in the late ‘80s he became a storyteller. A few years later he met his tutor and “father of the voice” Robert Harvey (1925-2009), Roy Hart teacher since the first hour. Since then he has been fascinated by “the voice of the soul and the story of the voice”. For more detailed information see www.petepronk.nl .

For more information about the Roy Hart Theatre www.roy-hart-theatre.com .

Photo: www.esthervanderlecq.nl.

Dates: Monday April 16th 11:00 until Thursday April 19th 2018 16:00

Accommodation: www.kloosterhuissen.nl

Costs: The monastery has income-related fees:

A € 299,00 B € 439,00 C € 499,00 full board.

In special circumstances a price reduction may be considered.

Maximum number of participants for this workshop is twelve.

Registration and confirmation: www.kloosterhuissen.nl or 0031 (0)26 3264422

Further information through petepronk@compagnet.nl or 0031 (0)613864928

Or Kathinka Marcks info@kathinkamarcks.com Telefon +49 (0)163 / 13 53 649